Sunnybank’s Preferred Driving School

At Mega Driving School, we provide our clients’ with appropriate training to not only attain a Queensland driver’s licence but also train them to be a responsible driver on road.

When it comes time to sit for your driver’s licence test, it’s imperative to have the necessary understanding of the relevant road rules to improve your chances of success. All it takes is one gap in your knowledge, or one misinterpretation of a road rule and you could make a critical error which results in you failing your test. With years of experience assisting drivers of various ages become confident and safe road users, Mega Driving School will be in the best position to prepare you for your upcoming driving test in Sunnybank.

Gain valuable insight from a professional driving instructor

One of the most beneficial aspects of seeking out professional driving lessons is the opportunity to learn from a seasoned and experienced instructor. The knowledge you gain from them will then be applied to real world situations where you will be able to receive valuable first-hand experience. This combination of theory and application will ensure you retain the core concept of each lesson and apply your new skills when it comes time to sit for your driving test.

All of our driving instructors available in Sunnybank come backed by years of experience and are highly knowledgeable in both manual and automatic cars. They are also highly sought after due to their kind and professional teaching style. Mega Driving School has always embraced the philosophy that teaching through negativity and aggression is never the best way. This is why we embrace a supportive and constructive learning environment, so our students are able to feel comfortable and relaxed.  

Our driving school operates within Sunnybank and the surrounds

Whether you needed driving lessons in Springwood, Runcorn, Logan City or the surrounding city, our driving instructors will be able to come to you. Providing our own vehicles, our school allows you to gain the necessary first-hand experience in either a manual or automatic car to ensure you become familiar with road safety and the associated rules.

For further questions, call us today

For those who have any questions about our driving instructors or want to schedule in a lesson, call us now on 3807 0911 or leave us a message.