To make payments to the driving school you can use this page.

Using these options will incur a fee, which is included in the option given.

These are your options:                                                                                                                 

  1. Driving lesson                                                                                       $ 62,00                            

  2. Driving lessons package of 4                                                             $228.00                           

  3. Driving lessons package of 10                                                           $570.00                            

  4. Lesson and test                                                                                     $176.00                         

  5. Test fee (we will pay on your behalf to Qld Transport)               $60.00                             

Please use the PayPal button below select your option and follow the prompts.

If the payment is not for yourself please indicate for whom you make this payment.

Also add the students License/Custom Reference Number.

If you use an Echeque lesson commends once the cheque has cleared.