1. How much are lessons?

Lessons with MEGA Driving school are from $55 per hour. We have manual and automatic cars available

2. Can I buy multiple lessons at a time?

Yes you can. We recommend you book a week in advance as before and after school are our most popular times. You can book out one lesson per week if you wish, or one lesson every day. It is entirely up to you.

3. Do you have manual and automatic cars?

Yes we have both manual and automatic cars. 

4. Can I hire the car for my test?

Yes. We have cars available for driving tests. We recommend an hourly lesson before your test so you can get a feel for the car, be comfortable and have a refresher with a professional instructor.

5. Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes we have gift certificates available for birthdays and Christmas.

6. How long have you been in business for?

MEGA Driving School has been family run for over 25 years